Tagging songs from Spotify playlist

I have a Lenovo laptop running win10
I have read it legal to download from Spotify with premium account wich I have
So far the only way I can record a playlist is to select all and leave it upstairs in my bedroom
Have the sound up full and leave it to do the job but the problem is it doesn’t create tags
So I just have this block of music wich I can’t shuffle or play in genres
I can’t use my phone where I work so this is why I want to transfer songs to my iPod
Thanx for any help

legal to download from Spotify with premium account wich I have

Not exactly how I read it. They say the Premium Account allows you to listen off-line. Not quite the same thing. I suspect they want you to stay inside the Spotify ecosystem and that will give you your track, cut and music management.

I wonder if that’s how they do segues and crossfades. I can imagine doing those on-line would be problematic with uncontrolled network delays and interruptions. Off-line you could manage it in real time. I wonder if they let you go back and forth.


If the songs have gaps between them, you might be able to get song recognizing software like Shazam to straighten them out.


With Audacity, you can [u]split the file into individual song files[/u] and manually tag the files.

Thanks you all for your help