System Audio + Jabra USB Headset Mic

Objective: (1) Record Teams/Webx Conference calls (system audio) and (2) Record Jabra headset Mic

#1 = Success. Settings: WASAPI | Stereo Mix (Realtek) | 2 (Stereo) Recording | Speakers (Realtek)

Note: I don’t need stereo; mono would be fine.

The Issue: When I listen to the call through the speaker, Audacity records. If I plug-in the USB headset, no audio is recorded.

Ideas? Thanks much.


If you select your USB headset with [u[/u]]( as your recording device you should be able to record whatever you’re hearing in your headset.

But… If you’re not hearing yourself in your headset you won’t get recorded.


There is not a [headphones] loopback option on the dropdown.

In Sounds | Recording … there is a “Headset” option, but not looped.