Synthesizing a sound I want?

Okay, so I’m trying to make a bomb detonation sound, and it’s going to be like a high drilling sound that increases in frequency as time progresses. So how would I take a sound and make it slowly gain pitch over time? That’s about all I need to know right now.

Audacity 1.3.13 > Effect > Sliding time and pitch.

Apply the tool to an existing normal tone.


Audacity 1.3.13
Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift…

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David Sky made an Audacity plugin to generate fire / explosion sounds (copy attached).
FIREX.NY (4.95 KB)

Nice :slight_smile: - where did you find that Trebor?

Just had a quick play with it and would suggest these settings as a starting point:

Audio type [0=fire 1=explosion]: 1
Sound duration [seconds]: 3
Attack time [milliseconds]: 50
Explosion decay time [milliseconds]: 500
Decay down to this level [percent]: 30
Cutoff frequency [hz]: 3800
Filter quality [q]: 20
Bass boost frequency [hz]: 300
Bass boost [db]: 30
clipping amount [percent]: 65

Then after running the effect, try adding the “Leveller” effect set to:
Degree of levelling: Heaviest
Threshold for Noise: -20 dB

I think it must have been from David Sky’s page on “”, which is now defunct.

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I’ve added it to the wiki here:

The uploaded version has slightly different default values to produce a more realistic explosion sound, the license text has been updated and a minor bug fix.

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Adding David Sky’s linear flanger to your the synthesised explosion gives a realistic fireball effect …

david sky's linear flanger settings for explosion.png

Lots of fun :smiley:

A rocket: