Sync with cloud services

Hey, I’m trying to share my Audacity projects between multiple computers using various sync services. However, every time I attempt this, some audio data goes missing - rendering the projects useless.

I’ve used Dropbox, Mega, BitTorrent Sync, and Google Drive, but the result has been the same each time. Has anyone had similar issues or attempted something similar with more success? Is Audacity simply not the kind of software that plays well with cloud storage?

Sometimes users post Audacity projects on Dropbox for us. The ones I have downloaded have been complete.

I suggest you sync with a local folder that you have complete control over. Don’t save projects to a temporary location that clean up tools can interfere with.

Where do the losses occur, locally or in the cloud?


The losses occur when I transfer from a local folder to a cloud service, and then open the project on a different device using the cloud service. Anywhere between 7 and 250 files went missing between syncing, which I get prompted to change to silence by Audacity.

I was thinking it’s something to do with the huge number of files needing indexing stumping the cloud service but you use Dropbox fine? I’ll check Dropbox again to see if I didn’t transfer a dodgy project, I’ve never had problems with their service before.

Sharing an Audacity project between machines is tricky… I’d try to avoid it if possible… It’s better if you can get by with moving/sharing WAV (or FLAC) files.

The AUP file is just an index and it doesn’t contain the actual audio. Information [u]here[/u] and [u]here[/u].

I’m missing random files from within the project_data folder associated with the project file. The vast majority transfer over but not all. I understand your reservations but I’m going to keep plugging away as the convenience would be great and I see no reason it can’t be achieved eventually :slight_smile:

When I must transfer a project to another computer I just transfer it as a separate AUP file and _data folder using my WiFi network.

I’m not saying there might not be problems with using the cloud, but I don’t think they are Audacity problems if you are saving correctly to the local folder in the first place.


Well I greatly appreciate the input, all.

I suppose I was hoping there was an option I hadn’t seen that wraps all of the dependent files into one neat little package (without zipping). I’ll keep plugging away - currently waiting for Dropbox to finish uploading, to test that service one last time. I get the feeling that the cloud services are being stumped by the many hundreds of files needing indexing at one time for one project, and that’s not something I’m able to overcome.

If you wish we can record a “vote” for that on our Feature Requests system. Having a unitary project format is something that many of us would like to see but it’s not really at the top of the agenda.


That sounds like something I’d support wholeheartedly.

Last update now:

Dropbox did indeed lose audio data, although it performed best overall.

Dropbox lost one file.
Google Drive lost seven.
BitTorrent Sync lost fifty.
MEGA lost hundreds.

My whole Sunday devolved into stress-testing cloud services.

I added your vote.