Sync two tracks

I should sync two tracks, usually I go by eye on the copy and paste but I would like to proceed as precisely as possible
eg. in the case of the screen, the red track 2 is anticipated for a time equal to the range blue track 1 = -
then copied the blue range is there a way to paste it in track 2 (red) exactly starting at without having to write the time in the contactor to be able to position the cursor?
I hope I have explained

Exactly like I described to you here:

sorry but the question is different, in the link it is explained how to move or select a track range as in the screen but it is not explained how to be able to paste exactly the range in a given time point (Red Arrow) without using the contactors (obviously you could copy with CTRL + V at sight)


donnje, I am similarly confused. :confused: Personally, I never/rarely use the Selection Bar to make selections. From your questions, I believe your interest is in accuracy, and not because you might be visually or mouse challenged, which also might have prompted this discussion.

If that is the case (accuracy), you might be interested in doing Ctrl+B, to mark labels at the position in which you are interested. Then, it is simply a matter of swiping the cursor between the two labels in the track you are interested to select a clip. Once that is done, it is easy to copy, paste, delete, silence, etc.

Note that as you begin and end your swipe, the cursor will turn into a yellow line. When you click or release on a yellow line, your selection will be sample perfect. :smiley:

in fact with English things are more complex hahahaah
in practice, the precision I want to have is to paste a selection in a given position as in the red arrow of the first screenshot without having to manually mark the contactor, if you have ever done a sync you should understand the concept :wink:

So you did or did not try using Ctrl+B to create a label? :smiley:

Perhaps we are talking “at” each other and not trying to listen to what the other is trying to say. Sorry I wasn’t able to help. :frowning:

Also see:

yes I tried but I don’t need the label anyway thanks, maybe it would be easier to see than to explain

In this case it must not overlap but anticipate or queue as in the first screen where there is the red arrow