Sync problem when multi-tracking

I am using Audacity 2.1.3 on Windows 10 and it has been working perfectly for a long time. I bought some new wireless headphones (Sony WH-CH500) and laid down the instrumental track OK. When I added the first vocal line, it was completely out of time so I adjusted latency which solved part of the problem. The problem now is when I record a vocal track, it is in perfect sync to begin with, but after the first verse, it begins to get slightly out of time. I duplicated the rest of the song and used the time tool to adjust it so that fixed the issue, however, next track, the same thing happened. Is this to do with the headphones? I know I’m singing in time! if you can help I’d be most grateful.

latency which solved part of the problem.

You set Recording Latency. That’s the one that makes your live track line up with your backing track. There’s another one. Machine latency. That’s the one that makes you listen to the microphone or recording system or interface to hear yourself in real time. You usually can’t listen to the computer,

Where are you getting the sound from for your headphones? If they’re wireless, chances are the drivers are trying to get it from Audacity, and you generally can’t do that. If you told the driver to get it from the microphone connection, then it’s down to how much time it takes for the driver to work, and it doesn’t have to be one single delay. Overdubbing can be more sticky about accuracy than just listening to your Elvis Mitchell recordings.

You threw mud in the game when you introduced the headphones.

What happens if you go back to the old way that worked OK?


Thanks Koz. I can’t try the old ones because they broke hence the newer blue tooth headphones. Can you advise on what type of headphones to buy? The previous pair were very old and had a jack that plugged into the headphones socket on the computer.
Would it be worth changing the machine latency settings or would this affect other recordings already made?

Thanks so much for your help.