Sync audio and video


Before I start studying and using Audacity, I want to see whether it is the correct program, since it doesn’t handle videos. I need to sync the audio from an audio recorder to the video from a video camera (replace the video cameras’s audio with the higher-quality audio).


Sure, but you should try it as a long test or two before you start recording the governor of your state.

If you’re recording on a laptop, there’s lists of things that can go wrong. Stuttering and skipping problems from choking hard drives, vocal distortion from Windows default internal corrections, Skype or other chat sound management overrides, and if you really play your card right, conflicts with Windows Virus Protection.

Please note none of these are Audacity problems.

There’s sync problems, too, but that’s a piffle compared to the other problems. Do you have one of these?

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 15.52.50.png
Clap one of those at the beginning of a shoot so the camera can see it and the separate microphone can hear it.

“Camera Mark! [BANG]”

Match them up later. The first time (or on one of the tests) do an end mark, too. Hold it upside down and clap it.

“End Mark! [BANG]”

The difference between the two clap matches is the correction in Effect > Change Speed. It should stay constant past the first time unless you change something (or something breaks).

Walking out in front of the camera and actually clapping your hands works, too, but that’s not very Hollywood.

If you want to be obsessive, video runs at 48000 sampling rate, not 44100. Audacity should be able to do either one and most editor apps don’t care.

Post back if you have troubles.


since it doesn’t handle videos. I need to sync the audio from an audio recorder to the video from a video camera

I’m just reading that again. If you’re recording with a separate recorder (not Audacity) and you’re editing in a separate video editor, what do you need Audacity for?


In response to your second reply, it sounds like you are saying Audacity is not what I need. That’s what I was wondering in my original question. If I’m using Audacity, does the video get removed from the file once I load it into Audacity and start editing anything?

Audacity will open the sound part of many video formats. You need a video editor or video app to put the corrected audio and original video together.