Sync Audacity audio current time with external player?

Hi all, please can add option or script for sync Audacity audio current time position with VLC or MPC-HC player time position. enough to know the variable of time and import it into the player. I only found this similar question without solution

i dont need video editor but use external player for play all video (h264, h265, mkv, avi, mp4 etc.) and sync audio. sorry for bad english :smiley:

The feature request on that topic is for an Audacity feature to “Import/play video for synchronised soundtrack editing”. The idea is that there would be a video window in Audacity that was synchronised with the audio (or Audacity could control the audio position in VLC).

Is that what you are asking for?


yes audacity control external player time or internal windows with support for all video format (HEVC included)

I added your vote. Thanks.

The video formats supported would depend on the libraries we use to provide the support, or the app we bridge to.