switched mics, wave display for edit is different

I produce a weekly podcast. Very simple, one speaker, but lots of editing fixes along the way… I am not an engineer and don’t know the various terms of art… I’m on Windows 10, Audacity 2.3.0, and have always used a USB Yeti connected to laptop. I switched to a RODE NT1-A USB mic with a Scarlett amp, and now I don’t recognize the wave display for editing on Audacity. I’ve included two screen shots… I do very detailed edits – connect words and sentences… I don’t think I can use the RODE’s Audacity display.

Any suggestions?

On another subject, when I do make an edit on the RODE recording, there is now a click at the edit point… what’s up with that?

Thanks for any help.
Rode NT1-A_Audacity.jpg

What are we supposed to be looking for? What’s the problem?

The zoom-level looks different.

there is now a click at the edit point… what’s up with that?

Editing clicks can be caused by not cutting on [u]zero-crossings[/u] or by a [u]DC offset[/u]. (I don’t “see” a DC offset.)

Usually its best to cut & splice with a short crossfade (fade-out the 1st clip, fade-in the 2nd clip, and join with an overlap. If the crossfade is a few milliseconds it shouldn’t be noticeable but you should get a smooth splice/transition. Or, in some cases you may want a longer more-noticeable overlap.

Thanks for replying, DougDVD. I’ve never had clicks with the Yeti, and to me, the waves are very different. I think I’ll hire someone to walk me through.
Thank you again for the reply.

Post back when you find out what happened.


still working on it… I’ve switched back to the Yeti, used both Windows XP with Audacity, and Windows 10 with Audacity. No problem… Used the RODE mic, and the recording is fantastic, but each edit creates a click. And yes, the Zero crossing tab helps, but I make 10+ tight edits per 20 seconds of audio, so fixing the click after the fact just isn’t practical on a 30-minute recording.

After considerable tutoring… Using the Z key while making an edit works with the clicks (I guess it’s sort of an auto-ZeroCrossing function?), but the bottom line is that the Rode/Scarlett set-up is overkill for my podcast needs. Just too much mic, too sensitive… I’ll be selling and continue working with the Yeti. Thank you again for your input.

The RODE has bassy thuds which the YETI does not.
From the waveform I’m guessing those are when you say plosive sounds like “P” & “B”.
[ If that’s the case you may need a pop-filter in front of the mic ].
Rumble-filter equalization applied to the RODE waveform will make it more like the YETI.

https ://manual.audacityteam.org/man/equalization.html#Manage Curves

Thanks, Trebor. I’ll make one more test (then I’m going to E-Bay). I appreciate the response.