Swishy recordings

Windows 7.
Recording LPs.
The sound is all swishy and intermitent and consequently unlistenable.
The sound coming out of the laptop’s headphone socket during monitoring of the raw signal from the TT sounds fine.
Presumably some basic setting in Audacitty that I’ve missed…? :angry:
Any pointers massively appreciated.
Many thanks,

Is the “swishy” sound in the original Audacity recording (played in Audacity) or only when you play the exported file?

It’s the original audacity recording (red book CD quality settings in audacity).

Could you be a victim of Windows Conferencing?



I wish you’d stop calling it “Conferencing”. There is no such setting in Windows as “Conferencing” so users will not e able to find such a setting. The settings in Windows are called “Enhancements”. It may be different in Mac OS X, but in Windows the tab says “Enhancements” and the options are collectively called “Sound Effects”. There is no mention of “Conferencing” anywhere.

No, but that’s exactly why it’s there and I always point to the instructions.

Thanks for the info guys.
Whatever the term, i’ll look into it later…