Supported Audio Interfaces

Hello, I just got a new recording card.
It is a m-audio delta 1010lt (it has 10 inputs)

they software that came with it is very hard to figure out…

I want to try to use this card with audacity but I can find a list of supported hardware.
does anyone know if cards like the one i have are supported?


As long as windows recognizes it as a soundcard, it’s supported. It just so happens that I use the exact same card at home, it’s great.

It’s a pretty fully featured soundcard, so you’ll have to read the manual carefully. As I recall it’s a pretty good manual, it should explain the software for you.

I’m at work now, and I can’t help you much from memory (or I would try). I set the card up months ago and haven’t changed the settings since.

I can tell you that the input you’ll need to use in Audacity to record more than 2 tracks has the word Multi in it. If you use that input you can set the number of channels up to 8. You might be able to go to 10 and use the digital inputs, but I don’t have any digital sources so I’ve never tried.