Support for Liteon Jesu Sonic (JS) FX?

Does Audacity support JS FX? I have loaded a folder with approx. 3 dozen scripts(?) into the Roaming/Audacity/Plug-Ins, the Steinberg folders, etc.; but Audacity does not see them. If you do support these, how do I RESET the configuration or whatever I’m supposed to do?

Thanks in Advance

reajs plugins do work in Audacity.
ReaJS plugin in Audacity 2-2-1.png
Audacity does not support real-time effects: it only applies effects in post-production.

Thanks Trebor, that’s wonderful. Post production is exactly what I’m looking for, specifically the NP1136 Peak Limiter. Now, what directory do I place the unzipped Liteon folder and how do I make Audacity see it? I’ve never seen the LOAD function before either, where is that? - Phil

Finally found the correct location and procedure.

  1. Go to Geep Zeez! Liteon Effect Pack>
  2. Click on “Download the Liteon VST Effects Pack” and store on your computer
  3. Click to execute the unload (installs like any program)
  4. Place the Liteon Effects Folder into C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\Plug-Ins directory
  5. Erase the pluginregistry.cfg in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Audacity directory
  6. Open Audacity
    6 Click Generate, Effects, or Analyze
  7. Click Add Effects at the top of the list
  8. All the individual Liteon FX will be listed, enable the ones you want, and save

A lot of work; but the NP1136 Peak Limiter alone is well worth the effort.

Loving the EULA :slight_smile: