Support for ARMA2 .wss files?

I’ve just started to use ARMA2 game platform to edit my missions and discovered that this game uses .wss sound files.

These will not autoload in Audacity 2.03 for Windows.
But do, if I use the import raw data option.

I’ve tried to use the Extended Import option to set “*.wss” to ‘WAV,AIFF and other uncompressed types.’
But it never wants to directly open the .wss file with a doubleclick. I always have to use the import function.

Any way to get Audacity to just open these .wss sound files when I double click on them?

They are: Signed 16bit PCM. Litte-endian, mono, 44.1KHz WAV files.

Cheers. :smiley:

If these files are headerless then I don’t think you can use Extended Import Preferences to force the importer.

You can I think use this command-line program to encode the WSS files to WAV:

If the WSS files have headers then please post an example somewhere.


Just seems to have WSS0 as a header.

Here is a small sample file.


The example file can be converted with SoX if you add “.sb” to the end of the file name.
This command (for SoX) works:

sox -r 44100 -b 16 -c 1 fracture_1.wav

Thanks, the file clearly has headers, but libsndfile (the library Audacity uses for uncompressed import) cannot understand the headers. I verified that sndfile-convert in libsndfile standalone does not understand the file.

You could write to libsndfile-devel and make a feature request about it: .

The decoder in opens the WSS file without problem - you can just drop the file on “wssdec.exe”.


Thanks for that. I’ll get on it! :slight_smile: