Support Files

Hello All,
i am trying to fined the support files for a tutorial purpose but i can’t locate them can someone help me. i would greatly appreciate any and all help.
thank you

You will need to express your question more clearly. We are unlikely to be able to guess what "support files for a tutorial purpose " you need.

I also notice that you have not responded to any of the replies that have been given to your previous questions. Have those questions been resolved?

I am sorry I did not know that I need it to respond when the answer is given and the problem is resolved.
As to support files, I was watching a tutorial in YouTube, and the person presenting the tutorial mentioned to go to support file from “file” and use one of the sample songs.
Thank you

It is helpful feedback for the people that post help on the forum if they know whether their suggestion has worked. Also it can be useful for other users that search the forum looking for solutions to a problem that they may have.

Sorry I still have no idea to what they are referring.
The Audacity Team have not posted any YouTube tutorials so you would need to contact the person that posted the tutorial for clarification on that.

Thank youI will do that!
Jon Andoyan