Super Slow Playback

Just downloaded and installed Audacity 2.0.2 (from the .exe installer)

I set up my hardware and did a test track, simply recording myself speaking. Monitoring was good. Levels were good.

When finished, I played it back. The problem is, it played back at an extremely slow speed. It took about a minute before the track even reached the .1 second mark. How do I fix this?

System info: Windows XP 32-bit
Intel Core i7-950 3.07 GHz processor
Intel DX58SO2 Motherboard

Recording Interface: PreSonus Firepod, set at 44.1k rate, 2ms latency

Does the Firepod work correctly with other recording software?

Yes it worked fine with Adobe Soundbooth. I successfully recorded a couple of separate tracks and mixed them down into one track, and even exported it successfully into an ACC file to play on my iPhone. So the FirePod is set up correctly and works fine. I decided to use it with Audacity because I want to record using overdubbing.

Where are those settings?

What audio settings do you have in Audacity?
(“Edit menu > Preferences > Devices” and “Edit Preferences > Quality”)

Does Windows Media Player play correctly through the Firepod?

Host: MME
Using: PortAudio V19-devel (built Aug 20 2012)

Device: FirePod #00C5062559 Main Out 1 & 2

Device: FirePod #00C5062559 In 1 & 2
Channels: 2 (Stereo)

Default Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Default Sample Format: 24-bit

Real-time Conversion
Sample Rate Converter: Fast Sinc Interpolation
Dither: None

High-Quality Conversion
Sample Rate Converter: High-Quality Sinc Interpolation
Dither: Shaped

And yes Media Player performs normally through the FirePod. All sounds are normal. With the exception of playing back in Audacity. All playback of recordings in Soundbooth were normal.

Try setting “Host” to “DirectSound”.