Super Low Recording Volume [SOLVED]

Hi all, I’m new to audacity and needing a bit of help. I’m using Windows 10 and audacity version 2.1.2. I have my AT2035 hooked up to my Steinberg UR12 with the pre-am on - yet my recording volume never goes above -30db. Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to fix this? I have my recording volume set at 1.0.

Thank you!

Check the preamp has 48v phantom power is turned on.
Ensure that you are using “input 1” (the large 3 pin socket) and the input 1 gain is turned up.
Check the mic has “pad” turned off.
Ensure that you speak into the correct side of the mic (not into the end or the back)
Ensure that you are close enough to the mic (try around 10 cm from mouth to mic)

With your help and a bit more Google…It is sounding normal again. Thank you!

In case it’s helpful for other readers, what fixed it for you?

The biggest one was which way the mic was facing. My husband had set it up for me when I was at work one day. Didn’t think to look and see which way the mic was facing.

Next, I quadruple checked my windows settings. In Windows 10 it can be a bit difficult to find the right settings, and somehow I stumbled across them. I ensured all the connections were correct in the software. Then I double checked the hardware to make sure all the connections were in tact. Lastly, I rebooted my computer. It apparently had some updates it had to do.

Although it’s still not as high as I would like it, it is MUCH better. I can actually hear myself on replay now.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I’ll mark this topic as “solved”.