Suggestions for time stretching/pitch shifting effects?

Hi all,

I was looking for some good VST’s effects for changing the tempo without changing the pitch of a voice and vicebersa. I would like to get plugins which shift the audio speed or pitch without changing its intonation; I said this 'cause I only have found plugins like autotune/gsnap, and I don’t like so much the quality of the default soundtouch library.

Do you have some recomendations? Thanks a lot!

Audacity has Change Pitch, Change Tempo, and can do both simultaneously.

As for time-stretching, Audacity comes with PaulStretch.
I recently found this free Dblue-stretch VST , (although it’s almost a decade old ).

[free] Kerovee VST can do a fair male to female conversion , ( and also does autotune-type pitch correction ).

Madshifta is a free pitch-shifting VST which works in Audacity.

A list of VSTs which allegedly work in Audacity is here …

and “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift”