Suggestions for Music database other Than Itunes

I am looking for a music database other than iTunes. I DJ a bit and use Virtual DJ. I cut a ton of songs using Audacity. I am looking for suggestions for a database that I can have playlists (currently I have 250 of them), star ratings, BPM, Genre identifier so that I can sort my files. iTunes does what I need but every software update from apple corrupts my songs - the latest upgrade by them has been a disaster. I have 18k songs, with 4-6K songs cut with Audacity. Any help appreciated

I’m still using Winamp… “Outdated” and no longer updated…

I think Music Bee is popular. Or, Media Monkey. Google found [u]10 Best And Free Music Player Apps For Windows[/u]

Virtual DJ doesn’t have a database or playlists??? I only use iTunes to sync my iPad, but the one feature I REALLY like is Smart Playlists. I have “Rock & Popular” playlists by decade (several genres but excluding things like Christmas or Classical), and I have an “Early 60s” playlist and a few others. (And Smart Playlists do transfer to the iPod.)

I DJ a bit

Depending on your “DJ style”, there is a 3rd party [u]Smart Crossfade plug-in[/u] for Winamp that starts the crossfade when the 1st song fades/drops to a selected dB level (but there’s no beat matching). And, you can set it up to do a “DJ style” crossfade where the songs overlap with no fading. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work without “glitching” when the buffer kicks-in before the crossfade. :frowning: SAM DJ ($100 USD) has a similar feature but I never got-around to trying it.

Foobar2000 has a fairly simple database / library, which may have enough features for you ( Foobar2000 is probably my favourite audio player on Windows - it supports a huge range of audio formats, and can also transcode from one format to another, while still being a lightweight application.

I can highly recommend MediaMonkey There is a free version which might do everything you need and the lifetime license is US$25.

Thanks - I will check into these.