Suggestion for future version: Ability to completely, cleanly uninstall Audacity

This may be Windows-specific, but nevertheless, one should be able to click a button and Audacity is gone. No messages like “you can finish this manually”, etc.

But the bottom line: One should be able to uninstall any Windows program with “one click” (or so) and it’s magically gone. An option to save preferences for a future re-install is very nice of course. But the most important thing is a squeaky clean, fool proof uninstall.

Enough said.

Thank you for considering this.

Deleting user’s preferences when uninstalling could remove a lot of settings that the user wants to retain, and I’m not sure that Windows supports making that optional at run time.

During installation of Audacity on Windows, there’s an option to “Reset Preferences”, so even if Preferences have not been removed when uninstalling an older version, there is still the option to make a totally clean installation.

Also there’s an option in the Audacity “Tools” menu to reset most of the preferences: Preferences - Audacity Manual

Very curious thing. When you startup Audacity 3.4.0, a brand new “Tempo” toolbar appears. So this confuses you and you uninstall it and install 3.3.3 thinking this would get rid of it. But NO. The 3.4.0 Tempo toolbar is still there in 3.3.3!!! How can this be? The Tempo toolbar wasn’t introduced until 3.4.0, so how could it possibly appear in 3.3.3 ? So obviously 3.4.0 wasn’t truly uninstalled, right?

Well, it turns out that 3.3.3 actually did have a Tempo toolbar, just a demo and not fully functional and not exposed by default. Loading 3.4.0 ticked a preference to show the Tempo toolbar. And these preference ticks are something that are NOT removed by uninstalling software. This is because most people want to have these preference settings retained in case they ever decide to run the software again.

As it turns out, you can remove your confusing Tempo Toolbar in 3.3.3 simply by doing Tools > Reset Configuration.

In 3.4.0, the toolbar can be removed via the View menu.

As with most Windows software today, you will need 3rd party software to completely uninstall it.

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