Suddenly Can't Use Curser

I updated my audacity and now SUDDNELY I can no longer select a small portion of audio, using my mouse and CTRL key to select a strip of audio to delete. I’ve used this method forever. Now, the curser has a BAD placement … meaning, I click in 1 exact location but the selection made is far away AND I can NO LONGER select the range I’m needing to delete. I cannot select audio at all. HELP


I had problems with the cursor as well. Deleted the new Audacity, reinstalled the previous version, and my life is happy again. All the expected features are back and work like charm. You might consider getting rid of the new version and reinstalling the previous version.

I am having a similar issue. Two computers have had the Audacity update installed and both have the issue. A third computer that I can access didn’t have the new update and works perfectly. I hope they address this problem in a future update soon!

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