suddenly cannot record

Using 2.1.0

I’ve never had issues with audacity before, using it to get back up audio for video essay type projects and to do quick edits to a sample or loop here and there

but suddenly it won’t record, I record using a focusrite interface and Blue mic, I have been for years, and just this week it seems, it stopped recording

either will just get a red vertical line that doesn’t move or it will act as though it’s recording when it isn’t

I can always just use other software but it’s just a bummer because audacity is usually easier for the things I want to use it for, so any help is appreciated. I have read the FAQs and troubleshooting, and it did not work

  1. See if Transport > Rescan Audio Devices doesn’t resolve your issue.

  2. If this happens with Windows WASAPI, have you tried using “MME” ?

  3. Is there some reason you are not using Audacity 3.0.0 ?

OH! same problem. And sure enough, the “transport, rescan” is selected. But, now what? How to I undo that? I’ve already exited, restarted. I’m stuck.

Transport rescan isn’t something you select. It is an operation that causes Audacity to rescan your audio devices to see if anything has changed. Then you will want to reselect them in Audio Setup.

Note that WASAPI recording will not actually start until audio is coming through on the I/O stream.

BTW, Transport > “Sound Activate Recording” IS something you select and if selected, could cause theses symptoms.

Why did everything work stably for me on Windows 10, but I have constant problems on Windows 11?

Do you have a specific issue you are having difficulties with ?