Sudden failure to record

I have a Lenovo with Windows 10 Home v1709 OS Build 16299.248 and Audacity 2.2.1
Recording options are
MME - Microsoft Sound Mapper | Microphone
Windows - Direct Sound - Primary Sound Capture Driver | Microphone
Windows WASAPI - Speakers | Microphone

I downloaded this Audacity version as, recording from radio, the 3rd recording in the file, was only about half the amplitude of the previous ones. I can’t remember which setting I had, but I doubt it was microphone as I tend to record with the speakers on mute. Whichever option I choose, the recording now has barely any amplitude (5% of screen, maybe) and sound distorted and VERY quiet.

I can’t see this problem in the forum, so help, please.

I also have a lesser problem with an older HP Windows Home computer, also with Windows 10 - with this, recordings can only go through the speaker system (i.e. I can’t record with speakers set to mute, and all extraneous noises get picked up!). Any ideas?

recording from radio,

How are you connected? Does your radio have a headphone output or a line output? Does your computer have a line-input, or is it a laptop with only a microphone connection and an internal microphone?

It has a headphone outlet and internal microphone, but, as I said, I usually record with speakers on mute. I should have said that all my recordings are from radio over the internet on this computer, using the latest version of Chrome, and the amplitude usually filled the screen, without distortion