Successfully Removed Mouth Noise With Nyquist Noise Gate

I have an Audio Technica 2020 USB microphone and I successfully removed most of the mouth noise with the noise gate. I applied it after using the normal noise removal tool to get rid of background noise.

My settings: Gate frequencies above 0. Level reduction -20. Gate threshold -8 to -15. Attack decay 400.

It didn’t get all the salivary sounds out of some words. One problem is that occasionally the end of a word gets a little screwed up. It was doing that a lot at lower attack decays and just a little bit at 400. Going much higher than 400 also brought problems.

You win because I would have guessed you couldn’t get any help at all. This is why we recommend Very Strongly that you get the recording perfect at the start. How many hours have you been struggling with this correction? The Noise Gate must guess at the leading and trailing edges of the correction – how far before the word and how far after does it work. If the mouth noises are bad enough, Noise Gate will miss its timing and produce distorted leading or trailing correction.

Is there any way to record the show without the noises? Unlike P-Pops and other Plosives, this problem doesn’t lend itself to mechanical correction.

Is there any way to post some of the non-MP3 show for us to chew on? The higher the quality the better.


I guess I wasn’t following this via email. It sounds good most of the time, then once in a while a word gets distorted. When I have time, I’ll post a link to a file. By the way, what do you think of dusk masks and other non-tech and tech methods? I haven’t tried masks yet.

Nope. Pop and Blast filters are very valuable in getting rid of plosives, over-active P sounds and other breath effects. That’s the black tennis racket things in these pictures.

There are web sites how to build your own.

However, they all work by suppressing large, serious air motion. Mouth sounds are exactly like speech and aren’t affected by those filters.

We’ll see what kind of problem you have when you post.