Success and advice using the audacity asio build - do it now

gang -

tl;dr - get this done - it’s a game changer.

i am making a second post w/ my using the asio compile of audacity.

using an esi maya 44 pci via their asio drivers, it is working great in windows 11.

seems you have multi tracks vs ‘stereo’ (lr, lr, lr…) when i played 1 and 2, it ‘cancelled out’ giving odd distortion. once i figured that out, it works great. :slight_smile:

tested on our church’s x32 and sees all 32 channels. once i get home, will audition the project and see how going fwd, better use our setup for recording.

thanks again for all those who suggested and took the time to write instructions/guides to help and counsel in this effort.

Thanks for your follow-up post. Glad to hear you have everything sorted. :grinning:

where is the detailed guide, of how to build with asio?

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