Substracting sound for Tinnitustreatment

I have Tinnitus. With Audacity I made a sound that is pretty much like the sound I constantly hear in my head.
One of the (many) treatments is to substract this sound, or noise from a peace of music. I have now both files;
the first is a mono sample of ‘my’ sound, the second is a classical stereo music.
I split this last in two different channels. Now I want to substract my sound from the two channels.
How can I do this?

I don’t know much about tinnitus, but I did help out on a project some time ago.
Let me see if I can find it…


Since you generated tinnitus-like sound, I assume you know the approximate frequency to filter-out. Otherwise, you don’t need the tinnitus-like sound file. Subtraction won’t work, but you can filter-out those frequencies using the suggestions in the other thread.

FYI - A funny thing happens when you subtract two unrelated files… It sounds exactly like to the two files added together!!! :open_mouth:

Mixing is done by addition… If you take a music file and add a file of your voice, your voice gets mixed in. If you subtract your voice, it sounds exactly the same. The way you subtract is, you invert the polarity of your voice file (which doesn’t change the way it sounds), and then you mix.

This iso only true if the files are unrelated… For example, if you take a file and subtract it from itself, you’ll get silence. If you add it to itself, you double the volume. Or, there is a big difference between adding left & right channels together and subtracting left & right channels.