I wrote a post about subliminals/supraliminals but I didn’t get an answer to the question about supraliminals.

Supraliminals are “masked subliminals” to put it mildly.

It must be possible to hear whispers and masked with sound such as white noise, rain sounds, etc.

I have problems masking it in the right way, as the white noise has to be turned up quite a bit and to avoid hearing damage, I could use help finding the best way to mask a sound. Are there other ways than white noise or rain sounds?

Besides this, at some sound levels I can hear whispers, but if I turn up the volume I can start to hear the affirmations. Will this “lock” to whisper only when I export the audio file to wav format?

Thanks in advance.

You may find that “pink noise” is better than “white noise”. Pink noise has a frequency distribution that is similar to rain / wind through trees / water fountain, whereas white noise is much more intense at high frequencies. (Pink noise is often used for calibrating audio equipment as it is a better approximation to natural sounds than white noise). “Pink noise” is an option in Audacity’s “Noise” generator.

Humans have a very highly developed ability to pick out voices from other sound, even to the extent that we can sometimes hear “voices” in random sounds when there aren’t actually any real voices in the sound (similar to seeing faces in random patterns) which is a form of “Pareidolia”.

If you don’t want to hear the message / voice at all, rather than increasing the level of the masking noise, you could reduce the level of the voice.

Thank you for the answers.

I will try the pink noise.

The affirmation tracks are just normal audio and it isn’t converted to a subliminal using the .ny prompt. I want to hear the whispers only but I should be able to hear the affirmations when the masked sound is disabled, and only be able to hear the whispers when the masking sound is enabled.

Okay but what I mean is, If I hear the whispers at 10% volume, I want to be able to hear the whispers at 40% volume etc. is there any way to do that?

Also any way to make sure that the affirmation recording have the same “volume” so I dont risk some of the affirmations in a track will go below the pink noice because it is in a lower volume level? Like: I am happy but happy is lower then I am etc.?