Subliminals, Multiple Tracks and Exporting Questions

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a project, in which I have multiple tracks up to 15 or more. With a average duration of 45 minutes. When I use the plug-in subliminal to create/transform these audible tracks in to subliminal versions. I see that this process takes a lot of time. The estimate time indication is around 16 hours. I was planning on transforming these multiple tracks into subliminal tracks and exporting it as one WAV file, basically layering it.

Now my question is, could I also export these multiple tracks as one WAV file and then transform this newly made track into a subliminal? Maybe the reason why it takes very long to transform all these tracks into subliminal versions, is because there are multiple tracks that has to be transformed at once. Maybe if I export it, thus making a single version of all these tracks, I can transform this single file into a subliminal version cutting down the time enormously.

But on the flip side maybe because all these tracks are combined together in one file, their sound waves will cancel each other out. Because I checked by playing all these tracks together, I noticed that the volume was significantly louder, then when I would play a individual track. Furthermore I initially adjusted the volume of all the tracks so that they were equal to each other.

How should I approach this project?

  • Making a single track subliminal, export it, doing the same for every other track and then layering them, and export it to a single file?

  • Making bulk subliminals, and then export it to one file?
    (By that I mean processing multiple tracks at once, estimate time indicates 16 hours)

  • Export all the tracks to a single file and then transforming that file into a subliminal version?