Hi guys, I need to make subliminal like that link

As you hear there is whisper sound in that subliminal. I need to make that kind of subliminal. Please help me. How can I adjust hz or do I need any other tool?

There was a discussion about this.


Sorry, but it is not. I make it but it is completely silent. As I wrote in original post, I need whisper sound in my subliminal like in this video

Record yourself speaking in an appropriate tone, import the music track, and adjust the Gain slider of the voice track so that it is just audible. Then export from Audacity to create a new audio file.

Gain slider:

I didn’t watch the video…

There are several subliminal techniques and although I’m a skeptic, I’d prefer a method where the subliminal can be decoded or “exposed”. Otherwise you don’t know if there’s really anything there.

Also note that MP3 and other lossy compression methods make a smaller file by throwing-away sounds you can’t hear (mostly sounds that are drowned out by other sounds) so there is a good chance subliminal information will be lost and it’s best to avoid lossy compression.

Or if you are shifting audio into the ultrasonic range, the signal-frequency is limited to half of the sample rate (i.e. Audio CDs have a sample rate of 44.1Khz so they can’t have audio higher than 22,050Hz, and in practice it’s a little less because there is low-pass filtering.) The “standard” MP3 settings are limited to about 16kHz. Your speakers /headphones are also (usually) limited to the audio range, and sometimes the electronics too (amplifiers, etc.).

…Personally, I don’t care if the subliminal gets lost since I can’t hear it anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

I listened to part of it, and there’s a (female?) voice way back in the mix that is just audible, though the only word that I could pick out sounded like: “Michael” (whoever that is).