Subliminal Recordings

New here and just downloaded the Audacity 2.1.0.

I will be purchasing some sound recordings online and down loading to my computer and then making some personal use subliminal. Is there a tutorial to step me through this?

Thank you.

No, we can only answer scientifically about how you could perform a particular action. We cannot guarantee what effects your experiments will have on your brain. Any risks of your experiments lie with yourself.

There are lots of “answers” elsewhere on the Forum to questions about how to make a subliminal recording. Did you use the search box top right? What recordings are you purchasing? A music track plus a spoken track you want to make inaudible?


We like processes we can test.

For example, we have tools and techniques to help you make a reading for an AudioBook and then we have testing tools to see how you did. We can’t do that with subliminal works. There may be instructions for how to make a subliminal track, but we can’t test if you got there correctly or not.

We have had postings asking us if a track contains subliminal messages or not.

We have no idea. That’s a major problem with these works.


:smiley: :smiley: This post contains subliminal instructions for making a subliminal recording… :smiley: :smiley: Just kidding. :smiley: :smiley:

One method would be to reduce the volume (with the Amplify effect) to somewhere around -40dB. If you are exporting to a 16-bit format, you can go down to -93 or 96dB before the sound completely disappears. Then, [u]mix[/u] that sound with some music, or use the Generate tool to generate some white noise or pink noise and mix with that.

That’s just one easy method of making a sound inaudible. I’m NOT claiming it can be subliminally perceived. There are several methods for making sounds inaudible or “subliminal”, so feel free to do some more research.

Then, mix that sound with some music, or use the Generate tool to generate some white noise or pink noise and mix with that.

Pink or Brown. White noise is a hearing health hazard.

OK. You got your track. Now check it.

[Booming kettle drum sound]

See what the problem is? The work turns into ghosts and magic which is why you get a lot of funny looks when you tell people you’re working with this technique.

By the way, this is the exact opposite of MP3. MP3 figures out which sounds in a performance are likely to be subliminal…and deletes them. So whatever technique you use can never be made into MP3.


Pink or Brown. White noise is a hearing health hazard.

Cool!!! Now we have a subliminal message that can make you sick! …All kinds of vodoo! :smiley: :smiley:

I assume you are talking about LOUD noise?. Any loud sound, especially continuous loud sound, can damage your hearing.

I assume you are talking about LOUD noise?

Yes, but it’s misleading. My very favorite pair of earbuds finally bit the big one. One side cuts out on one pair and both crackle on the other. No it’s not the connector. I replaced both of those ages ago.

So I’m trying to replace them. I bought a new iPod to replace the broken one. It came with earbuds. They have a rising characteristic with frequency. They also come with a warning that sustained high volume listening, yadda, yadda, sire funny looking children.

But you can’t help it. In order to get any sort of balance at all with good, energetic dance/hiking music, the high frequencies are enough to drill through oak. I selected Equalizer > Treble Reducer and that makes it barely tolerable for talk shows, but not music.

I imagine if you put white noise into any uncompensated sound system like that it would be enough to peel paint.

I know exactly how it works when I see people walking around outside with full headphones.

I did discover a perfect application for these earbuds:

“Air France Two-Niner descend three thousand feet and clear to land runway two-four right.”