Subliminal Nyquist prompt

I hope you can help answer some questions.

I am making a subliminal with the subliminal Nyquist prompt that makes the sound file at 17.500 hz.

I have 3 different sound files, a female voice on the left, a male voice on the right and my own voice in the center at 44.100 hz. The voices have different pitches of course so how will it work by converting the file to 17,500?

Another question is about volume. If I listen to the raw file before I turn the file into a subliminal one, I can assume the sound level is the same, or is there something I should be aware of.

I use the raw file to assess how loud the sound is before I use my subliminal.

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t “convert to 17500”. It “modulates” the amplitude of the sound with a 17500 Hz “carrier”, which is the same process as AM radio, except that AM radio uses a much higher carrier frequency (commonly around 100,000,000 Hz). There’s a description of AM radio encoding on Wikipedia:

Okay I see, Don’t claim to know the technical stuff, but I know it works but just want to know I do it right.

When I have 3 tracks, 2 mono tracks and one stereo track, would it make any difference if I use the .ny prompt file separately on each track before mixing it to a stereo track, or do I have to mix the 2 mono tracks and the 1 stereo track before using the .ny file?

And if I also make binaural beats in audacity with two mono tracks with a carrier frequency of 50 Hz on the left and 95 Hz on the right, will that also have an implication when I mix the files to a stereo?

I dont want it to be distorted.

My native language is not english so hope you understand and sorry if the questions seems stupid.

Why does that matter if you can’t hear it? Surely, if your subconscious mind is able to demodulate AM encoded audio, it could also remove the distortion :confused:

A subliminal recording plays affirmations at a frequency beyond the standard hearing threshold - usually 16,000 - 17.500 Hz. They play at this frequency so the affirmations can bypass the logical and reasoning part of your mind, the conscious mind.

Therefore, it doesn’t challenge or reject the affirmation you are trying to impress into the subconscious mind. Because the conscious mind cannot hear the subliminal playing, all the affirmations from the track enter the subconscious mind and the reprogramming process begins.

While you cannot consciously hear the affirmations, the audio of the affirmations produce waves of sound that travel down the ear canal and send vibrations to your eardrums. Your subconscious mind is able to decipher these vibrations because these are the same vibrations that make up audible sounds.

This is because sound waves exist as variations of pressure in a medium such as air. They are created by the vibration of an object, which causes the air surrounding it to vibrate. The vibrating air then causes the human eardrum to vibrate, which the brain interprets as sound.

In the simplest terms, we ‘catch’ these vibrations in our middle-ear where they’re transferred into pressure waves. These waves are then passed through fluid into our inner-ear, or cochlea, where they’re translated into signals our brains can interpret.

We are talking about tecnology here, so even though the subconscious mind can understand alot, it cant understand distorted audio if theres no data reaching your mind.

Thats why subliminals on youtube doesnt work, because they are being compressed. Only supraliminals work on youtube.

I understand you have a belief that it doesn’t work but I know it does (for several reasons) but I want help with the technical stuff to not get a distorted audio

Mix your audio tracks to a single track first. That way you can check that it’s not distorted (because you can hear it) before you make it inaudible.

Okay thank you.

Do you know how I can relate to the sound level with this frequency?

Would the sound level be the same as the original file? So I can compare the sound level by first listening to the raw edition to know how loud it is?

“It doesn’t “convert to 17500”. It “modulates” the amplitude of the sound with a 17500 Hz “carrier”, which is the same process as AM radio, except that AM radio uses a much higher carrier frequency (commonly around 100,000,000 Hz). There’s a description of AM radio encoding on Wikipedia:

And by this, what Hz am I then listening to if the original tracks were 44.1000 Hz? Maybe I misunderstand this part.

I’ve no idea what you mean.


I guess you mean “44100 Hz”. That number refers to the “sample rate”. Here’s some information about what “sample rate” means:

Marcusabs wrote: ↑Wed Jan 18, 2023 3:24 pm

Would the sound level be the same as the original file?


Any way to determine what the sound level would be when converted to an subliminal ? What increase in Decibel or sound pressure or whatever?

I mean if it’s low sound level where you can just hear the affirmations in the orginial track, would it be a huge increase in sound level?

If it’s a “silent” subliminal, then the sound pressure level will be zero.

It’s not silent. It will damage your ears if you are not careful.

But lets take another example.

If I converted from 4000 Hz to 8000 Hz could I count on the same sound level? Would the decibel be the same?

What do you mean when you say “converted from 4000 Hz to 8000 Hz” ?

Assuming that you are still talking about modulation: The amplitude of the modulated signal depends on the amplitudes of both the modulator and the carrier, less any losses from filtering.

If I recall correctly, the “Silent Subliminal” plug-in that I wrote applies positive gain to compensate for some of the filtering losses, so that the output level is closer to the input level than it would otherwise be.

Thanks for your answers.

Here is an explanation for why subliminals work.

Basically, when we say the affirmations are inaudible, it means that the human ear cannot hear the frequency because the auditory hair cells in your ear that are responsible for processing (hearing) this pitch have become very insensitive (usually a result of aging).

This is where the confusion occurs because so many people are led to believe that the brain can’t process something we can’t hear, and that is very incorrect. Your ears are responsible for hearing noises, but it’s the brain (auditory cortex) that’s responsible for processing and decoding the information.

Sound is what we hear while the brain interprets it. You can totally not hear something and still interpret it on a subconscious level. This is how subliminals work. Just because you can’t hear the affirmations does not mean it isn’t being picked up by your brain. We know this because of the way sound waves work.

When you play the subliminal, you obviously won’t be able to hear anything, but does that mean the affirmations are just not there? Of course not. The sound waves are still there, causing your eardrums to vibrate where your brain processes and decodes these vibrations. The only difference is that your ears aren’t hearing it.

There are examples of this done through clinical trials where the brain was affected by a sound that exceeds even that of subliminals. That is evidence that sound can be picked up by the brain despite the ears not being capable of hearing it. This should debunk the “if you can’t hear it then it’s not going to your brain” statements.

TL;DR: Human hearing plays a completely different role when it comes to processing auditory sounds. It’s the auditory cortex of the brain that decodes the sounds you hear. You can hear something but it’s the brain that has to process what is being said. Because a subliminal can’t be heard by your ears, it’s imperceivable to the conscious mind, allowing the information to be processed on a subconscious level (beyond critical awareness).

Yes. And because the hairs don’t vibrate, they don’t stimulate the mechanoreceptor, so the mechanoreceptor’s afferent neurons do not produce a response, so no signal is sent to the brain, so there is no information for either the conscious or subconscious to react to.

However, “silent subliminals” can be an effective placebo - that has been illustrated through several well documented clinical trials, such as the study by Manuel Froufe and Cecilia Schwartz, published in The Spanish Journal of Psychology , Volume 4 , Issue 1 , May 2001 , pp. 19 - 25.

Nåh that is not how it works. Theres a difference if thw hair cells produce “sound” or it will give information. Placebo cant give an ex back or influence others behavior etc. But I accept tour logical opinion

I’m confused. I know I can’t hear a 17500 hz tone. If my eardrums can’t pick up that tone anymore how can they transmit to the subconscious?

Is the cochlear really that efficient? Do you really know with certainty that 17KHz tone will only vibrate the hairs responsible for that frequency range and don’t stimulate other hair cells.

A bit ago we developed coder software that would create subliminal tracks in the Lowery method. We also created a decoder which would bring voices back down to the normal audible range. Engineers and developers like this because it proves the voice is actually posted as high-pitch modulation. I can, for example, send you a SiSub track and you can pull it back down to normal voice.

There are some restrictions. You can’t start with multiple voices and/or stereo configuration. You get one technically correct, clear voice in mono—full stop.

If that appeals to you, we can supply the code and instructions.

If you insist on the technically-shaky higher quality and complexity, then you’re dabbling in magic without the techies.


Another couple of points. I always understood the subliminal method depended on super simple messages, repeated. Stop Smoking, Stop Smoking. This isn’t a good place for complex messaging and stereo production. Nobody ever claimed that subliminal transmission worked in stereo.

I think you’re producing the quiet, plain-audio “background music” messaging found in grocery stores. “Buy Cheereos, Buy Cheereos.”

Post some of the messaging you plan to use.


One more. I’m going over my notes.

We recommend you place a clear, normal-voice message at the beginning of the track. You set this voice for comfortable listening and then don’t change anything through the course of the message playback.

“Set my voice for comfortable listening. Not too loud nor too quiet. The message will start now.”

In case nobody hit this yet, you can’t use MP3 for any of this. One way MP3 gets its small files is to inspect the content for sounds normally inaudible, and deletes them.

Another thing it does is shift tones around slightly for efficient compression. You normally can’t hear MP3 doing this, but that’s deadly for a subliminal message which depends on everything being in exactly the right place.

It has to be 44100, 16-bit mono, WAV.


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