Subliminal messages

Dear all,
i am searching for help in subliminal affirmations making. I am an absolute beginner with Audacity, but i would really love to learn to do it.
My aim is silent affirmations, without any music track, so basically reducing the frequencies that ear is capable to hear, leaving the high ones that brain can react on and not changing the speed of the track. In other words, silent track.
This is for my own use of course.
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basically reducing the frequencies

We can’t go with “basically.” You need to tell us which of the subliminal suites you’re trying to achieve. When you run an Audacity filter, effect or process, you have to use real numbers and settings.

We have to have a testing process. When you read for an audiobook, for example, there are tests and inspections you have to pass for publication. We’ll need the post-production tests to know if we made your subliminal tracks right.

You should probably know that tones that go up in pitch (that dogs and cars hear) don’t fit well in standard “Audio CD” digital settings. So studio standards are recommended and not all home computers can deal with that. Most soundcards and sound amplifiers don’t go up that far.

So you should give a thought as to how you’re going to listen even if you do finish one.


Dear Kozikowski, thank you so much for your reply!
I understand what you mean!
I have one track which is made by Audacity and which i have been listening to last summer. Perhaps i could share it, and you can see how it looks like. I have used normal headphones.
(i will upload the short version, and i also have the same one that goes on the loop for 25 minutes)
Please, let me know if it has any use!


That can be demodulated (de-scrambled) by putting this code in Audacity’s Nyquist Prompt

(mult *track* (hzosc 15500))

Point #1. If you cannot hear above 15.5kHz you are listening to silence.
Point #2. Even if you could hear it, it would probably be incomprehensible.

That’s very trueTrebor.
If you could hear it, it would sound pretty much like this, only higher pitched:

It’s only through demodulation that it is decoded into something comprehensible, though perhaps that’s not the point. Even ‘normal’ spoken words in plain audio only have meaning because the listener imbues the sound with the meaning that they believe the speaker intended. Similarly one could ask “what is music”? If it is only “vibrations” then it is nothing more or less than any other noise, yet we find meaning and emotion in music, that can only come from ourselves.

Dear all thank you for your replies!
I am a bit confused now, though i totally get your points. I have been reading through different opinions regarding how to do it but the more i read the more doubt i have, which way is the right one (if one believes in subliminal at all)
I am thinking if it could be possible for you to create two subliminal messages, if i send two small text records?

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Paste the code below into Audacity’s Nyquist Prompt, then apply it to selected audio just like any other effect.

scramble code

(highpass8(highpass8(highpass8(highpass8(mult *track* (hzosc 15500))15500)15500)15500)15500)

scramble code in Nyquist Prompt.png
Use the code in my previous post to de-scramble the almost-ultrasonic audio.

Personally I think there is some truth in the idea of subliminal messages, though scientific studies strongly suggest that many of the claims of “believers” are massively overblown and lacking in evidence to the point of ‘delusional’. For myself, the more believable part is also the aspect that has some support from scientific studies; that exposure to “messages” that are on the edge of sensory perception, can influence our thoughts, mood, and behaviour without us being consciously aware of the messages. The theory behind this is that “messages” (whether spoken, visual images, or whatever) that are within our ability to perceive (so not totally silent), but sufficiently peripheral to our conscious awareness that we pay no attention, can slip past the censorship of cognitive thought, and influence us subconsciously.

On the other hand, much more elaborate means of creating totally silent “subliminal messages” have become popular even though (or perhaps because of) totally lacking in any respectable scientific evidence. I would include Oliver Lowery’s patented Silent subliminal presentation system in this. There is zero evidence to support the claim that inaudible sounds can be heard subconsciously, or that invisible images can be seen subconsciously, or that the Emperor’s new cloths actually exist. As Trebor noted, (and illustrated in my previous post), “amplitude modulation” (which is what Lowrey’s invention does) produces a high pitched whistling sound - too high to hear. Even if you could hear it “subconsciously” (for which there is no evidence), you subconscious would be aware of an irritating high frequency whistling sound.

Nevertheless, Lowery’s idea of (single side-band) amplitude modulation for creating “silent subliminals” is a popular belief, and your sample “2016-07-12-AUDIO-00000152.mp3” has successfully produced this type of “silent subliminal”.

The (in my opinion) more believable approach is much easier to produce:

  1. Record your message on an audio recorder
  2. Find some nice gentle and relaxing music that you like.
  3. Play the nice gentle / relaxing music at a comfortable volume, and at the same time
  4. Play the recorded message at a volume that is just loud enough to hear, but not distracting enough to catch your attention
  5. Sit down with a nice cup of tea / glass of wine / your preferred beverage, in a comfy chair, relax and and listen to the music.

Sorry for delayed answer,
but thank you so much for your answer, and have a great weekend!
Once i create my own subliminal i will post it here :slight_smile: