Subliminal Audio with Inaudible Human Voice Affirmations


Request : Subliminal Audios with Positive Affirmations App (Software)

  • Record human voice or Use already recording affirmations file.

  • Mix it with music (masking) so lister only listen music while the affirmations go to sub conscious.

  • Copy paste the affirmatins to match the length of the music file.

  • increase the length of music by copy paste to 30 minutes as healing music is normally 5 minutes.

  • As affirmations are recorded by humans so the gap b/w 2 affirmaitons are not fixed, this software should
    give the facility to make a constant gap of 4 or 5 seconds b/w 2 affirmation sentences.

  • Can add Alpha and Theta sound waves to music track or the final track.

  • Can add Isochronic tones to music track or the final track.

  • Can add binaural beats to music track or the final track .

  • Fade in Fade out option

  • Masking and Reverse Masking option

  • Ability to make make 432 hz music or convert the final Audio to 432 hz & 528 hz.

  • As should be an option to make an exact gap of 4 or 5 second b/w two sentences (affirmations).

  • or simply make a Tutorial on how to make subliminal audios using Audacity, Sound wave and Adobe Edition
    in text, images and video form & make a small app of it of 1 dollars.

there are about 50 million people who listen Subliminal Healing Music with Affirmations.

famous sites are Vortex Success, Sprudio and Mind movies…

hope you work on that software.


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