Studio Fade out and Nyquist

In a previous posting in April 2016 which is now closed and relative to Audacity 2.O, it was mentioned that the studio fade out had to be downloaded from the Nyquist Preferences.

I’m working on audacity 2.1.2 for Windows 7. I wend to Edit, Preferences, Effects and Nyquist and also had nothing to choose from. I went to my Audacity Programme on the hard drive and selected Nyquist and still had nothing. However, I found studio fade out in the plugins file (not the Nyquist file) which I was able to upload. It is now the only option in my effects menu (which I maintained by name - not group as was recommended). Do you recommend that I upload Audacity 2.1.2 again or is this kind of normal that what we are looking for is actually labelled Plug in (not Nyquist)? Thanks very much.


Yes, it is normal that these effects are in the plug-in folder.
Effects that you download have to go there too.
The Nyquist folder contains helper programs, definitions and initialization code/libraries.
The studio fade out is shipped with Audacity (“Pro Fade Out”)
In the Effect (or Analyze or Generate) menu, click on “Add/Remove Plug-ins” in order to enable other plug-ins.

“Studio Fade Out” is a “Nyquist” plug-in. It is included in the standard release package of Audacity 2.1.2.
Instructions for installing, enabling and disabling plug-ins can be found in the manual here: