Stuck in an audio loop


I have Win 7.

When I open up Audacity and select File | Open, I import a MP3 file which has the Quick Time logo on it. The track lasts for only 5 seconds - which is what it should do - but then it plays again. And then again, as if it is stuck in a kind of ‘loop’.

I only want it to play for the first 5 seconds and no more.

What is the best way of achieving that, please?

Many thanks.


Does that happen with other files, or only that one MP3?

When you look at the time scale above the wavefrom is it only 5 seconds total? Do you see the marker/cursor looping?

Does that file play OK in Windows Media Player?

(You can loop by holding the Shift key whe you click play, but I don’t know if there’s another way to accidently make Audacity loop.)