Stretching a track to match another

Is it possible to stretch a track of say 2 seconds to match a track of 4 seconds?

You can use Change Speed and Pitch effect which will change speed & pitch together like slowing-down a vinyl record or analog tape, or Change Tempo will maintain the pitch but you might get some artifacts/side-effects.

Either way, it’s likely to sound weird with such a drastic change…

Thanks for the reply. I think I didn’t express myself as I should. What I want to do is take the 2 min (yes I know) track and duplicate it (?) to match a 4 min track so that I have a backing for the main track. It could be obvious but I am totally new to this stuff.

OK… You can duplicate the track and if you have two tracks (or 2 stereo tracks for 4 total) open they will mix when you export. If they don’t overlap you’ll be “mixing” silence so you won’t actually get a mix. You’ll just get one track after the other.

It will be a little easier if you have a little extra to work with, or you might need to duplicate again and then trim or fade-out the extra.

Here’s an outline… I hope I didn’t leave anything out:
– Select All
– Edit → Copy
– Tracks → Add New
– Click in the new empty track
– Edit → Paste (You should now have a duplicate below the original.)
– Click on the track-name above the bottom waveform and drag it to the right (further-out in-time). You may want to zoom way-in so you can see how they line-up.

…You’ll get a cleaner splice if you create a crossfade by fading-out, fading-in and overlapping. You can make a very-short crossfade of a few milliseconds where it may not be noticeable, depending on how the sounds match-up, or you can make it longer. (This is why it’s better if you have a little extra to work with… When you overlap it’s not twice as long.)

Thanks for that. With your help, my sons input and a YouTube video I have managed to do what I was after. Just the start of a long road I think :smirk:



@DVDdoug I’ve not yet tried ‘extending’ a music track in Audacity, but does one have to use two separate ‘tracks’ to do that job? Is it not possible to just copy/paste the contents of a track at the end of the same track?

Having to fanny about with two ‘tracks’ to do this just seems WAY counter-intuitive to me; I’m used to Adobe Audition 3.0.1 (no sniggering at the back there!) where one just copy/pastes the ‘block’ of audio into the same track, then (as you said) sort out the edit point. Surely (?) that method is a lot easier to do than trying to line up two tracks vertically (which sounds like a nightmare by comparison, and feels Very Wrong to me)? Or am I just old-fashioned? :slightly_smiling_face:

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