Stream Recording

It seems almost impossible to record internet audio streams with Audacity.
(on Windows)

Here is 3 techniques I been working on,

Hardware Technique

The first require two computers, with one reading the stream, sending its line out in the other’s line in with audacity recording the line in.

The technique need 2 computers else you’ll buzz an infinite echo real fast.

Software technique

Use another software to record the stream, I’ve been recommended Radio Nexus, for an example, then open the recorded file with Audacity.

JACK Technique (In development)

Recently, still in beta on it JACK is slowy getting on Windows. I suppose this could work, but I’m still failing to get it working on Windows, it works on Linux, but not with Audacity, with RoseGarden.

Only way I were able to record a stream input via JACK is using VideoLAN, very good OpenSource substitute to Quicktime and MS WMplayer, using Firefox’s VLC plugin with a radio http site with VLC sending via JACK to Audacity.

Whoah. That is a very complicated way of doing this.

It seems like your drivers aren’t giving you that input. That’s a shame, but audio is low on the list of things for computer manufacturers to fix.

You can run a cable from the Line Out to the Line In on the same computer. Just make sure Software Playthrough is turned OFF in Audacity’s edit → preferences → audio i/o menu, or you’ll get that feedback you’re describing.

I wouldn’t worry much about JACK, apparently Audacity doesn’t like it so much at the moment.

kX project can do it with some SoundCard conditions, JACK is the Rewire of POSIX… its too advantageous to be compatible to that…

Or just download VLC and enable “Stream/Save” in the advanced options to tell it to write the audio to a file for you. Considerably less hassle than any of the above.

This seemed the thing I needed too since my new Sound Blaster notebook card has lost its “What you hear” ability. After down loading VCL, though, I found I could not use it since I could not discover the stream address details. For example: is the address for Radio 4 listen live for the BBC radio player but I get nothing out of VCL. Therefore I like the option to loop the Line out/Line in and record directly from Audacity.

That’s the address of the web page, not the address of the stream, which is why it doesn’t work. Click the “Listen using stand-alone Real Player” link and save the .ram file you get offered. This is the actual file that tells real player where to find the stream. If you open it in a text editor you will find a URL something like
which VLC ought to to be able to open and play. My copy of VLC doesn’t seem to have Real codec support through, which is odd seeing as it does have real-variant RTSP support, and ffmpeg on which is is based does have Real support. I probably need a newer version of VLC on this machine.

Anyway, at that point you should be able to save the audio to a WAV file.