Strange saving thing

Please, a little help from my frindes:
with aud.2.2.0.
I do the recording, some text.
Then I save the track.
Next, I export to MP3.
When I close the file (the recording .aup), I’m asked: save the changes? At the same track I’ve saved before.Why is that, please. It happens any time I export.
Thanks for your attention.

I can’t reproduce this not on the released 2.2.0 nor on the latest Release Candidate for the upcoming 2.2.1 - nor even on the supersede 2.1.3 (on W10 Creators Edition laptop) :confused:


I get that too …
last warning.png
Unless you saved the audio as an Audacity project, you always get that warning when you close Audacity.
It makes sense to give that warning: once you’ve closed that window your best-quality* version is gone forever, if you haven’t saved it as an Audacity project.

[ * Saving in mp3 format compromises sound quality to produce a smaller file size ]

Indeed but the origibal poster Mad wrote:

I take that “save the track” to be a “Save Project” - in which case I don’t get a prompt to Save the project after the MP3 export when I close Audacity


Maybe i’ve been misunterstood. let’s go again:

You said:
I take that “save the track” to be a “Save Project” - in which case I don’t get a prompt to Save the project after the MP3 export when I close Audacity.

That’s right, I’ve saved the Project, and then I close the file “track 1.aup”, for example.
Then I open that file “track 1.aup” and next I EXPORT AS MP3. the exportation is finished, now I have also a track 1.mp3.
Finished the exportation, the next step: I close the still opened file “track 1.aup”, and at that moment I’m asked: do you want to save the Project:
It happens every time I open a saved file and export it as mp3. Always I’m asked if I want to save a previously saved file.
It did’nt happen with the Audacity. 2.1.9. Not in my computer.
Could you explain this? Is there any changes at the original file “aup” when I export it?
Thanks again.

We are confused because what you appear to be saying does not happen for us. Perhaps we are misinterpreting what you are telling us.

What exactly is it that you are closing?
Are you closing the Audacity project (closing the Audacity window that contains the project “track1.aup”)?
or are you deleting the audio track that contains the recording?
or do you mean something else?

I presume that is a typo?

If you make any adjustment to the Audacity project, (e.g. turning down the gain-slider when making the mp3 to avoid clipping), the project has changed and you’ll be asked if you want to save the changed version when you try to close Audacity. If you don’t make any changes to the project you shouldn’t get the warning.

Export the MP3 first then save the Project. Audacity should not ask again. Audacity uses the Project as the cue to stop asking. If you do anything after you save a Project, Audacity naturally assumes it needs to save a fresh, new Project.


I absolutely assure you: no ajustment, no changes, nothing with the file of the Project. Happens like this, I tried many times:
I have a file .aup, finished, and saved regulary, let’s suppose with the name goldrecord.aup. I open it, just open it. When I close the file, nothing happens. It closes normaly.
Well, now I open the same file, previously saved, the goldrecord.aup. Then I export it like mp3. I do not do absolutely nothing with the goldrecord.aup, just export a file named goldrecord.mp3, ok? This time, when I close the goldrecord.aup it asks me: whana save the changes? Changes that I didn’t do. Isn’t it strange? Malfunction, maybe?
Look, it seems to be a bug, not a great problem, but a bug.
Of course I can export it first, then save, no problem with that. But I stay wondering what is the problem, Just that. It shouldn’t happen, right? Did not happen ever with the 2.1.9, that’s all.
But thanks for your time. We’ll go one.

The steps that you describe seem straightforward enough. If it’s an error in the code (aka “a bug”) then it should be repeatable for some if not all of us, but it’s not.

Does the metadata editor pop up?

Re. Sugestion for new (old) feature - correction

Why not just save it anyway? If nothing has changed, then saving will make no difference.
or if you want to restore to the previous saved state, close the project without saving.

Ouch! Well, you guys do a fantastic and profitable job, as I say to all I know that work with audacity. Sorry, but not this time. It is important, and pratical also, to know, when you are working and recording, in what stage of work you are in, trust me. So, in my opinion, in this case audacity took a step back. You should consider to fix this. Ask opinions about this of the users, why not? I hope you do it. Thaks.