Strange Glitch - Audacity not not allowing the song to play

I can record and stop like normal at first, however when I try to play what I’ve recorded It simply glitches at the area I’ve selected and makes no sound. I thought this was problem with my version of Audacity, so I downloaded the newest version however the same problem occurred. I’ve made sure that I clicked the green arrow (start) button each time ofc, and when I click the stop button everything works like normal, that is until I try to play back the audio and it glitches again. Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see the stop button is colours indicating I have pressed the play button, and the line that follows where you are on the track stays in that one spot and jiggles around a little.

You have bad DC offset in your recording so you need to fix that. Please see: .

Sorry for the typo on that page - it will be fixed for the next release.

DC offset may not be the reason that the audio does not play. Make sure the project rate bottom left of the window is 44100 Hz. Make sure that you have the correct drivers for the SoundMAX device obtained from the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer.

You can also reboot the computer.