Strange elapsed time failure on timer recording - error /bug?

I am getting occasional mismatches between elapsed time as displayed above the waveform map and on the Timer Record Progress dialog. This is associated with a very “choppy” and noisy recording which is not the same length as the alleged recording time.
I think it may be a bug. Any ideas?

More detail:
This doesn’t happen every time but within a session of several recordings, once it occurs it seems not to go away. A machine reboot fixes it; an Audacity relaunch without reboot does not appear to fix it.
Here’s what happens:
I run a timed recording off a streaming service. At the end of the recording, I review through playback. Hear strange noisy output. I notice that the waveform display is much shorter than the programme I recorded, even though the elapsed time ran to full length.
Tonight I noticed that during recording, the time display above the waveform was showing only about 50% of the true elapsed time and the the Timer Record Progress dialog showed a different Elapsed Time value which was the true elapsed time. (I’ve got a screenshot of that which is easier to see than to explain, but I can’t see how to paste it here.)
That inconsistent display issue seems to be a bug in its own right - but also closely related to the bad recorded audio.
I can get a clean recording by restarting the machine. Relaunching just Audacity doesn’t seem to fix it.

Version etc: Audacity 3.4.2 running on Windows 11 64-bit on a Dell 7420 with 16Gb memory.

I’m not sure anyone’s read this - I’ve certainly had no replies.
Could someone just reply at random to ease my paranoia?
Duncan (OP)

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