Strange changes in v3.2.5

Strange happenings on v3.2.5 with Windows 10: On June 6 I opened v3.2.5 (used for several months) and found multiple surprising changes. Some are problematic including inconsistent use of Preferences settings. I haven’t knowingly downloaded any new version recently so why and how did this happen? E.g.:
– Sample rate: Preferences>Quality>Default = 48,000 but new tracks come up 44100. This includes tracks created with Tracks>Mix/Render from existing tracks that use 48000.
– Bit Depth: Preferences>Quality>Default = 24 bit but some new tracks (including all duplicated from existing 48000/24-bit ones) appear at 32-bit float.
– The File>Recent Files list was empty at the start of the session though populated in the previous session.
– The Effects list now is categorized by type (e.g., Volume and Compression, Fading, Pitch and Tempo, EQ and Filters, etc.) but previously wasn’t. (This is actually desirable.)
– Some keystroke shortcuts I’d previously set up and regularly used were gone.
What’s going on and why?

That has been fixed in the current 3.3.2 version.

That’s a bug.

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For some reason unknown to me, Audacity 3.2.5 resets preferences on first run. I think there’s a few recent versions that do this.

Same thing.

Re: the empty Recent File list and disappearing keystroke shortcuts, I’ve been using v3.2.5 for months so this wasn’t its first run.

Do you mean that the “File>Recent Files list” is permanently empty in 3.2.5?

If so,I can’t reproduce that. When I import a file into Audacity 3.2.5 I can see it listed in the “Recent Files” list.

Not permanently empty. My Recent Files list shows all files I’ve worked on from a couple days ago onward but it doesn’t show anything from before that. Previously, the Recent Files list showed numerous files from quite a while back (I’m unsure how far). It’s conceivable that two days ago I emptied the Recent Files list by clicking Clear, but I hadn’t done that before so doubt I did it then.

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