store/retrieve cursor position in a macro? where's retrieve?

i just made a macro and was surprised i couldn’t find an option to retrieve a stored cursor position. i was able to store the position but couldn’t find a counterpart for retrieval in the macro window. i also was able to find ‘cursor to stored cursor position’ in the ‘select’ menu but not in the macro window. i sometimes go blind looking for things in the various menus and windows so maybe i just missed it. did i? is it called something else? the workaround i came up with was to do it in two parts:

select cursor to stored
cursor to selection end

this worked for what i was doing but would be better if i could find a single ‘cursor to stored cursor position’ command in the macro window. the first command here creates a selection that ends at the retrieved position. the second command moves the cursor to the end of that selection. any pointers appreciated.


Is this what you are looking for?
SelSave: | Store Selection | none | Stores the end points of a selection for later reuse.
SelRestore: | Retrieve Selection | none | Retrieves the end points of a previously stored selection.

thanks, steve. that works.

it’s another unintuitive thing to me as it works with selections rather than cursor position. i was looking for a retrieve or restore counterpart to the ‘store cursor position’ command but couldn’t find it. i actually think i tried at least one of these selection commands but probably got things crossed. i probably did something like ‘store cursor position’ and later ‘retrieve selection’ in trying to find a way to restore the cursor position. seems odd to be able to store something but not retrieve/restore it.

thanks again,