Stopping Recording and Starting again on same track

I am recording for Power Point but like to take my time.

  1. Is there a way to start an stop on same track? Or is that only if I play pause?
  2. If I stop/pause … continue with next slide and make a mistake … can I delete that section on the same recording and contiue fro where I left off?

    I am sure this answer is somewhere in the forum, but i keep reading and you tubing and no one seems to show you how to start … start … edit start again … all on same track. For somereason if i stop recording, press record again … the second recording record the first recording.

    I’m super confused what I am doing wrong.

Any help for someone who has been trying to read through many links for th past hour with no success would be most appreciative

“Pause / Unpause” is often the easiest (shortcut: “P” key).

You can also use “Transport menu > Append Record” (shift+R) to continue after stopping.

Append Record will always tag new work at the end of old. It will not “Smash Record” anywhere in the work like tape machines used to do. If you have a recover point somewhere in the middle instead of at the end, select the new insert point and delete everything after that. Then Append Record. If the deleted work is valuable, make a new empty track (Tracks > Add New) and paste it there.