Stopping after each song

I need to build playbills and play them back stopping after each song is played. This is for music to be played in a church service. Other activities occur after each song is played so the music must automatically stop when each song is finished. How can a playbill be set up and saved for a list of 5-10 songs to be played back one at a time when each is the next in order.

Is it a *buntu machine that you will be playing the tracks on at the church? If so, I’d recommend “DeaDBeeF” audio player. It can play most audio formats, and it has an option to stop after the current track (in the “Playback” menu). Other audio players may also be able to do this and may be just as good, but “DeaDBeeF” is currently my favourite.

So, all you need is each song/track as a separate audio file, then load those files into your media player of choice (such as “DeaDBeeF”), then use the player’s features to play one track at a time.

Thanks for your suggestion of DeadBeeF. I will find, download, and install it. I have used Parole and Audacity without finding this ability, although it may be in both of them.

Audacity is not a good media player - it’s not designed for the job.
Parole is a good, but very lightweight media. It does not have many options. I don’t think it has an option to stop after the current track.
DeaDBeeF is also fairly lightweight, but is quite rich in features and does have an option to stop after the current track.