stop recording after record is finished and removing gaps

Hi Everyone,

I am recording some LP’s off a site where the LP only plays as long as you are looking at the site. I have set the input for audacity to the output of my sound card to do this and it works fine.

Two questions:

  1. I know the LP will play for 40 minutes - can I set up audacity to stop recording after 40 minutes?

  2. There are some very small gaps in the sound track where the streaming is interrupted by insufficient bandwidth, site slowness etc. Can I remove these automatically?


pcoz :slight_smile:

Audacity > Transport > Timer Record.

The early versions of this made messy assumptions about what you wanted, so pay attention to the time entry windows and make sure they say exactly what you want.

While Audacity does have Analyze > Silence Finder and Analyze > Sound Finder, they’re sometimes more trouble than they’re worth. Phonograph records, for one messy example, have no silence, even between the songs.

You have a particular application because your show goes to zero, flat-line during the outages, right? That might be OK. Are you sure the streaming server waits for you? Some servers don’t.