Still struggling with Audacity - Output mono only

Hello all,
Despite my earlier postings on this subject and the replies that I have received, I am still having trouble with capturing stereo audio.
To recap: My stereo line output is connected through the BriverGenius AV202-B grabber device, to the USB-A input of my Dell laptop running Windows 11.
I am finding that the left channel from my stereo is split between left and right within my laptop. Nothing I have tried so far has given me stereo audio.
Another subscriber has suggested a youtube entry, which addresses the mono-default issue, Windows

However, I have tried this and despite already having ‘2-channel, 16-bit stereo’ selected, it’s still the left channel as mono only.
I have got onto Windows help and my laptop is otherwise playing back stereo out of the speakers. The problem is on the input side.
Is it possible that my grabber is faulty or not correctly set up? I cannot see how to check this and I have been searching the Audacity instructions, but am getting nowhere.
I did read somewhere that there may be a problem with Windows 11, but nothing concrete there. I have also connected a hard drive bearing stereo music into my USB port and I hear stereo, so that seems to discount the possibility of it being the laptop or Windows 11. That leaves just the USB grabber?
Can anyone please help me. Why am I not getting stereo music?
I also cannot find a contact e-mail for Vtop Industries, who are the manufacturers of the device?
Thank you

Dells can also have their own audio settings, aka “MaxxAudio” …

[ Search your computer for “Dell Audio” or “MaxxAudio” ].

Hello Trebor, thanks for that. I am not seeing the screenprint that you have posted, however, when I select system > sound > properties, I see that the microphone input settings format is already ‘2 channels, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)’. So i’m guessing that the laptop is already correctly set-up and I’m no closer to a solution.

Make sure you are configuring the USB device, not the “microphone”. (It should be OK if Windows “thinks” it’s a USB microphone, as long as you only have one USB audio device plugged-in.)

I’d say this particular problem is unlikely to be a hardware problem, but it’s possible.

And… I assume you have unplugged left & right one at a time, and swapped left & right to make sure it’s not something on the analog side, before your USB device.

I have thoroughly checked my laptop, Windows version, the analogue output from my amplifier and the settings in Audacity. Having eliminated all this, the only thing left is the DriverGenius USB Audio Capture device. Getting hold of another machine with a USB port to check it on will be difficult. So I have found the website for the device and posted them an enquiry, asking if there is something in it’s configuration, else what their faulty returns policy is?
If there is nothing else, thank you for your comments all.

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