Still no snap to Beats/Bars/Measures?!

PLEASE add SNAP to BEATS AND BARS in TIMELINE, so people who sequence music using loops can finally use Audacity…

This one feature alone would open up a HUGE market!!

Audacity is used mostly by podcasters and acoustic musicians/singers. It’s currently infamous as a low level tool in the producing world. Because most musicians make music through recording LOOPS and you can’t SEQUENCE them properly in Audacity because you can’t SNAP to BEATS/BARS, so no real music producer can use Audacity.

But I’m not a snob. I see the beauty in the simplicity of this software. If only I could use it as a music producer.

Still can’t use it just because of this. It’s been 20 years. I’d even pay for a version with beats and bars, that’s how long I’ve been waiting. Cool Edit has been long gone and Audacity is its spiritual successor. When will it be usable by actual music producers? It just needs this one feature Cool Edit had 20 years ago, which is SNAPPING to BEATS and BARS…

This is definitely planned. I can’t say for when exactly (probably not 3.2 or 3.3), but I can tell you that all “Audacity 4.0” designs I’ve seen do include beats and such.

Are those designs available to the community, or behind closed doors?

I can share some of them, but note that these are early designs. None of them are what Audacity will look like, it’s just experimentation. You’ll note that like, a lot of things just aren’t in them.

Thanks LWinterberg. Very interesting.

Just to throw an idea into the pot: “MIDI Tempo Maps”