Still having issues with Audacity splitting tracks

Using the latest version I believe…3.4.2 and still having the issue of when “moving” audio from one track to another, Audacity splits the stereo track into 2 mono tracks. I’ll be specific…it’s not when I move an entire TRACK up or down, it’s when I say…grab a 5 second piece of music and move it up or down to a different track is when it gets split up into mono L & R. What I’m doing to overcome this for now is by simply copying and pasting the piece into the track that I want it to be in and then deleting the other one. Not the end of the world but it’s annoying and if I miss that it happened, then I have to Ctrl + Z numerous times to get back to where I was and use the workaround. The most maddening thing is that when it does this, in most cases it seems to split the ENTIRE project of tracks into mono L/R.

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