Sticky Amplify

I had occasion to use Amplify a bunch of times at the same setting. Amplify settings aren’t sticky. Alternately, is there a Drag-Select > Mute which was the actual goal.


On Windows, Audacity 2.2.1, (and previous versions), “Ctrl”+“R” will repeatedly apply Amplify with the same gain setting.
You’ll have to remember what that setting was, as if you select Amplify from the menu again, the old gain value will be overwritten.

There is “Drag-Select → Edit menu > Remove Special → Silence Audio” (Ctrl + L)

If it’s about this topic:
then there is the “Pop Mute” plug-in

If it’s about this topic:

Yes, but.

The track has AGC on the performance and there is no unique firework pop. The explosion is a blob of highly distorted waveforms that slowly reveals the music as the AGC comes down from the ceiling. Note the music is throbbing bass rock and many if not all of the bass notes overload.

It’s not recoverable.

I’m betting those performances are lip sync and you could buy the music in the “Main Street Emporium.” For money.


I agree.