Steve's Updated ESP-clipfix

In the case of inverted peaks (caused by “digital roll-over”), the combination of this “fix inverted peak” followed by ClipFix can salvage a recording - it will probably still not sound good, but a considerable improvement from the diabolical sound of inverted peaks.

How about something like the below?
A reminder in the actual plugin window to switch off the filters depending on intended use.

If you think it’s a good way to go, will then update the original download link with the new version.
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 9.28.58 PM.png
Perhaps it can be reworded, English is not my first language so I sometimes get things wrong.

Steve wrote:

…diabolical sound of inverted peaks…

:smiley: so true, reminds me of this crazy video…

Looks good to me.

I generally prefer to leave the old versions on the forum - it helps to show the development process for anyone that is interested in following the discussion.
When you decide that you have a plug-in that is ready for public use, start a new topic in this section of the forum: New Plug-Ins - Audacity Forum , include the plug-in, and sufficient information for people to be able to use it effectively.

If you would like it to be uploaded to the wiki, there’s a fairly standard layout for the “documentation” - see: Missing features - Audacity Support

OK, will test the plugin further for the next day or two then start a new thread and make it available.

Thanks Steve for your time and input, much appreciated.