Stereomix not working to record Skype calls

Hello everyone.

Sorry if this is a noob question, but I’ve set up Audacity 2.3.2 to record using Stereomix so I can record the Skype calls I make to regular phone numbers. I’ve done it basically for a year but now it doesn’t work in calls anymore. It’ll record everything right up until the call connects, I get the Skype “ringtone”, but when it goes through to a regular phone and someone picks up - nothing.

What am I doing wrong? I am on a new laptop, so that might be why, but I don’t think I’ve set it up in any other way than my last one. Does anyone have an idea what I could do to fix this?


It’s not you. It’s Skype changing the audio input settings. Skype wants to use the microphone, so it changes the input setting to the microphone.

We do occasionally hear from people that say they can record Skype using “Stereo Mix”. It’s rare that works. I’ve only heard of that working on a few older computers.

Use a purpose made Skype recorder (such as “Pamela” - there’s a feature limited free version available, or use a second computer (one to run Skype and one to record).

use a second computer (one to run Skype and one to record).

That’s what this is.

The Skype computer is on the right and the “live production/recorder/music playback” is on the left.

This experiment was designed to see how much stuff I could do “live,” Including music stingers and intros. I used Audacity on the left for recording and iTunes for playback. That’s what the mixer is doing. This method has one insanely great advantage to other methods. Skype doesn’t have to do echo cancellation and direction management, so my “guest,” Denise, sounds like she’s sitting on a chair beside me instead of four time zones away.

This is first pass live recording and not release-ready. It’s heavily edited to take out all the “Can you hear me OK?” messages.

Skype doesn’t play well with others. It got to be the premiere conferencing and chat program on earth by hijacking your computer to do what it wants.

Typically, you can get the Skype computer to record you (local microphone), so all you really need is a stand-alone recorder to record the Skype far side. Pick a recorder that has a headphone socket and wear headphones.

now it doesn’t work in calls anymore.

We have had several instances where someone set up a simple Skype/Audacity recording system and started cranking out show after show. They’re looking at the rest of us having trouble like we’re nuts. They are Celebrity Unicorns and it’s only a matter of time before Skype settings catches up with them.